About Martiros M.

 About Martiros

Martiros, born in 1947, is a contemporary Armenian-American artist whose story elucidates the experimentation and ultimate mastery of the principles, rules, and traditions that govern the very conception of Modern Art mediums and techniques.

Martiros’ extraordinary abilities as an artist were evinced early on in his adolescence, which led to the exhibition of his paintings at the young age of eleven. Subsequently, he was immersed within the classical culture of painting as he gave in to his wanderlust and traveled extensively to museums throughout Europe, gaining appreciation of the works of preceding grand masters. These masters were his inspiration and his teachers. And as such, he would often turn to their works with amazement due to their techniques and their ability to find resolution in the art they had created.

Feeling the strict confinements of his artistic freedom in the Soviet Union, Martiros yearned deeply to expand his creative process. With the freedoms allotted to him in the United States, he was finally able to explore a variety of painting styles and techniques in varying attempts to appease his growing hunger of all that had been kept from him. Over time, through the development of knowledge and practice, he came to finding his very own style that cannot be compared with any other, leading to the birth of Marmillism: Martiros-Millenial-ism.